Reformation in Turku

The ideas of the Reformation came to revolutionise Central Europe in the early 1500s. They also reached the shores of Finland fairly soon. These new teachings arrived first into Turku and spread from there to other parts of the country. Mikael Agricola, the Bishop of Turku, was the most prominent reformer in Finland. He was the father of written Finnish and made his life’s work in Turku. Consequently, the city is considered to be Finland’s only City of the Reformation. Till this day, Turku remains as the capital city of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is not a surprise then that the Anniversary of the Reformation is being prepared for in Turku with a great enthusiasm. The nationwide main events of the celebration take place in this very city.

In “The Reformation in Turku” section you can find more information about Turku, Mikael Agricola, the main goals of the Anniversary, information about participating organisations, and details about the plans for the celebration in Turku.Turunlinna-Mikael_final_verkko

Mikael Agricola invites You to Turku

“Mikael of Turku” is a light-hearted cartoon character, a caricature of Mikael Agricola who lived and made a great impact in the city. The character was created by the cartoonist Pekka Rahkonen and will feature in different forms in event advertisements and in the Turku street scene.